1. 9MM

  2. Honorable Teeth
    DJ DJ Tanner

  3. Death House

  4. _day wasting_
    Bil .e

  5. Romance Planet
    Boys Age

  6. Plastic Response Records Volume One: 2014-2016

  7. Kudatah Vol. 1

  8. Botanical Castings
    The Lentils

  9. Sunday's Jammers b/w Crow Physics
    The Lentils

  10. Let's Get Electric - 1987
    Cheap Talk

  11. Ahh…The Name's Emotional, Baby!

  12. 100% Electronica
    George Clanton

  13. October Is Here
    TJ Sicilia

  14. Imaginary Friends
    Dr. Paul

  15. Greatest Hits

  16. The Collection
    Tech Noir

  17. Free Weed
    Free Weed

  18. Welcome To Warp Zone!

  19. Moods
    Luxury Elite

  20. Living In The Distortion Parade
    Modern Art

  21. Stereoland
    Modern Art

  22. Guitars On Fire
    Modern Art

  23. New Apocalypse
    Boys Age

  24. The Heart Will Bury Itself
    Paul Cristina

  25. Clarity Stones
    TJ Sicilia

  26. The Future Dead
    The Future Dead

  27. Double Date
    猫 シ Corp. // SYLLABUS

  28. Introducing
    Free Weed

  29. Bedroom Buzz
    Eerie Glue

  30. tech noir

  31. Forbidden Summer b/w Calm Time (Alternate Version)
    Boys Age

  32. Real Virtual Unison
    Negative Gemini

  33. Together We Are!
    David Loca and the Berkshire Hobbits

  34. Holly Louie b/w The Adventures of Sally The Sea Turtle
    David Loca and the Berkshire Hobbits

  35. Late Night, Great Night
    Captain T.V.舰长电视

  36. Neon Beige

  37. Heck No, I Don't Listen To Techno
    The Hound Of Love

  38. Halloween Mixtape 2014
    Plastic Response Records

  39. Early Memories
    The Memories

  40. 热带 D E S T I N A T I O N : 放松和享受!
    A Digital Compilation Curated By Captain T.V.

  41. Chilltown USA
    Totally You

  42. H.F.M.
    Davida Loca/Part Time

  43. Kathy b/w Queen Dreams
    猫 シ Corp.

  44. Late Night Stereo
    猫 シ Corp.

  45. Amazing Stories
    Boys Age

  46. Single Serving Songs
    Free Weed

  47. 2006-2011
    Harrison Granacher

  48. Collection Volume One


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Plastic Response Records is a record label based out of Greenville, SC. Records, Tapes, Buttons, and more.

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